Hen Parties

Ah Hens Parties. Whether a weekend or just a one night affair, a Hens Party is a truly decadent and joyous way to bid farewell to one’s single life en route to matrimony. Similar to the Bachelorette Parties of the United States but more inclusive of all of the female members of the bride-to-be’s family, a Hens Party celebrates the betrothed woman prior to her nuptials. A day or a night out, bidding farewell to the single life as a woman prepares to become a wife. And what a farewell party to singledom a Hens Party is!

As populated with booze and penis-themed accoutrements as any film or television manifestation could showcase, the average Hens party is always an event. A Hens Party often includes shrill women excitedly and teasingly encouraging their soon-to-be-wed girlfriend to have her last hurrah with a man who is not her betrothed. On the other hand, a standard Hens Party may well include well-meaning friends keeping their betrothed friend from flirting with the bartender or hired-in-fun male stripper in honor of her upcoming wedding.

Drinks are a definite part of any good Hens Party, and including an outing that is as acceptable to granny and the aunty as it is to the bride-to-be and her best friends. This can include a strip club, sure, if granny is of the riotous variety. But for those families who are a bit less prone to be enamored of the nudity of strangers, calmer events can include wine tastings or even a lovely dinner or lunch out en masse, leisurely and relaxed. The point of a Hen’s Party is to surround the bride-to-be with all of the women who have helped to grow her into the woman she is today. The activity undertaken is less important, although making sure a fun day or night is on the cards is highly advisable!